The Year of the Purge

This was around 3pm in our living room. Husband and I took all our clothing from all over the house, and we are going to decide what stays and what doesn’t. This doesn’t even include Luca’s stuff yet – and he probably has even more stuff than we do for some reason.
We have decided to Konmarie our house. It is going to be a month-long process. Fuck that, I have decided to Konmarie my life. Tidying guru Marie Kondo is right. If it doesn’t spark joy in your house, why should it be there? And if stuff, people, experiences don’t spark joy in my life, they are fucking out this year! 2017 is going to be my bitch!
My language is rough and dirty in this journal because it has to be! I am going to be mean and hard ass about clutter and waste, and crappy things and people in my life! There are many exclamation marks to hide the fear in my heart! There may be failures along the way but I will shout over them!



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