Folding Philosophy


My husband’s folded pieces of clothing. If you know her method – Marie Kondo recommends you folding your clothes in a way so you can see all of them. They ‘sit’ within their own space, and because you can see them, you can also lift them up easily – well, far easier than if they are packed on top of each other. The Folded-on-top-of-each-other method, as anyone knows, leaves you with a shitty pile of shitty messed up clothes all over again that makes you lose the will to ever fold clothes again.

Will they still be like this in a month’s time? A year? We shall see. My husband is lucky I never took a ‘before’ photo. He is pretty minimalistic and neat in general, but that is because he hides mess well. Oh what a beautiful roo-OMG WHAT THE FUCK IS IN THIS DRAWER?


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