Husband is all done (Damn)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

As promised, my husband’s new Konmaried wardrobe. Except for the fat winter jacket he has downstairs, this is everything he has. In the boxes are perfectly folded tees and other clothing.

Once he was done, I was a little dejected because I had so much more than he. I just couldn’t understand it – how and why is this? Is this a male – female thing, and why is it so drastic? I’m not even a very vain (I think) and I’m no shopping addict or whatever! (Though I obviously have had my moments)

But I persevered, and will show you my wardrobe soon. It’s done, and I’m proud of it. I’m not taking my time to show the results because I’m trying to perfect it – I just haven’t had time to write as I started working and Luca is getting used to nursery after our Malaysia holiday again. We are committed to the whole method that Marie Kondo has recommended – so we aren’t just doing a ‘take bits’ from her book. We have done our clothes and today we finished shoes, and now we are doing Luca’s clothes. Oh my god our living room is bombed again, and this is all from a one-and-a-half year old. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

This is Kondo’s recommendation for the order of tidying:
1) Clothes
2) Books
3) Papers
4) Komono (Miscellaneous Items)
5) Sentimental items

The Komono section is massive, HUGE. There are categories in there too, including kitchen goods, electrical items, skincare etc, so you can well imagine that will take quite a while.

Can we do this? My planned starting date for Not Buying Anything begins Feb 1. I was meant to sort out the entire house, figure out if we had to purchase anything else in preparation for the year ahead, and then ‘close the books (or purse!)’ for the year, as it were. Because of our daily schedules, we have only been able to seriously tidy during the weekends, and we only have so many left before Feb 1.



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