New Rules 2017

Less stuff, less wastage, less costs.

When I said I would buy nothing this year, I really wanted it to be as practical and realistic as I could, considering I have a toddler, and another baby on the way. So there are obviously disclaimers, because well, we have to live.
The following are my new rules for this year.
I am journaling all this to be accountable to myself – I am not perfect, I am absolutely not a minimalist, I like fashion and nice things, I love hoarding mementoes and books too. But I think I am quite privileged and living comfortably enough to be able to do this. I need to know I can do this and live happily.. even live happier?


– No take-outs unless absolutely necessary (aka starving/dying/no way out)
– No buying in bulk for ‘sales items’
– Meals every week to be planned.
– Thus weekly online grocery shopping to be planned.

– Only allowed: Medicinal products or things required so as not to be gross to the public. (aka general hygiene and cleanliness)
– But no luxuries: No special brand body oils or exfoliating magic body scrub nonsense etc. Husband & I will share same basic brand = Dove & Head&Shoulders.
– No make up
– No perfumes
– No face creams etc
– No bath salts and ‘treats’ etc.
– Body moisturising lotion allowed, but just one.

– Absolutely no clothes – Even if you are knighted by the queen herself you will wear something you already have, damn it.
– Absolutely no accessories
– No shoes.
– No new underwear. (Unless somehow things fall apart and replacements are required – in line with ‘things required so as to not be gross to public’)

For Babies:
– No new toys
– No new clothes. Unless required.
– Things required for baby’s health, safety and nourishment are exempt.

– No magazines
– No newspapers
– No bottled water (unless dying/absolutely necessary)

– You shall only read the news online or connect with friends for a total of an hour a day. All inclusive, all platforms. But you may not comment, unless to reply when absolutely necessary, or provide crucial/necessary information. If you have to comment, you can text or Whatsapp your friend.
– You may write as much as you like on your blog. You shall disable comments.
– You will not Like or Love anything. If you Like or Love it so much, you can text or Whatsapp your friend.
– Work-based internet time is allowed only if required.
– When baby is around to play, the phone is not.

Allowed are:
– Buying presents for friends are allowed but only in the form of one book. Existing arrangements to contribute money for a present allowed. Flowers only when expressing sympathies.
– A maximum of a book a month for myself is allowed, but only if I cannot get said book from the library.
– Spending on charities to be nipped this year unless absolutely necessary: to be replaced with volunteering with time or effort.
– Art materials (replacements) for me and baby allowed if needed.
– Experiences:
Travel, Special Meals with Friends, Music, Movies, Hosting at Home, etc. For these things, have a ball ❤

If things you don’t have are required, ask or source or borrow.
If you can fix it or live with it, do not replace it.
Your family may follow in the spirit of these rules but are not subject to them aka you are not a tyrant aka no nagging.

If you fail in any of the rules above, keep calm, note the experience, forgive yourself, and carry on.

Next posting: Why Do This?


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