Purge Update – Not Good


It’s 10.50am, and it is still a jungle in our living room. Anh says he has finished his pile! Men! Minimalistic shits! (Just kidding, I love you, this was my idea, yes)

Have received plenty of feedback about tidying and Konmarie etc, which I am grateful for. I suppose everyone is looking for a tidier life?
I stress though that this year wasn’t meant to focus on tidying and Marie Kondo, it was meant to focus on changing my habits as a consumer.

The tidying is actually secondary, but yes, it is a related process. In fact, the main focus for this change has been the documentary The True Cost, which you can currently watch on Netflix. It basically encapsulates all I’ve been troubled about and thinking about since 2011, the year Anh and I went on a four-month adventure to China.

But more of that later. For now though, in order to work on how I aim to behave this year as a consumer and ethical human being (cue dramatic music), I need to know what we have. What I have. Because when I know how much I have, which is a lot, I will know what I DO NOT NEED in my life this year.

I realise that things are very different now that I have a child and a household. The reason why it is taking us so long is because we have a tornado of a toddler here with us. And now I have to go because he is about to stick a hanger into his eyeball.


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