Monzo Tracking Begins! 

So happy that I now have a Monzo card! 

Monzo is a startup mobile-only bank that allows you, among other things, to track your purchases via an app, create budgets, and freeze your card temporarily if you misplace it. 

I must admit I had no interest in it whatsoever … until my husband got one. And then he kept showing me how the app showed all his spending, from groceries at Tescos to sandwiches at Pret. Best of all, and something I really wanted, was the tracking of travel expenses. Obviously we take the buses and tube all week, using the car only on weekends, so it helps to note it all down. 

Also, it was basically a case of FOMO, thanks to my husband. The card and app and listing of everything just seemed so neat and cool and attractive – I had to have it! 

I may not be buying things this year, but I’m interested to see how my expenses for everything else adds up. So I downloaded the app to apply for a card, but due to heavy demand they said it would be a wait unless you emailed three friends to join up. This would speed up delivery of your card. I duly did that, but nothing happened, though it could have been my friends not joining up … or I was just a little impatient. 😁

And so I went on Twitter and shamelessly told Monzo about my low-consumption/no-shopping goal and blog this year, could they help me out? 

They moved really quickly and asked me to check my app for a ‘surprise’. I think the real surprise was that the card arrived the very next day! 

It’s only day one, but I’m excited. I guess this could partly be the thrill of ‘getting something new’ that I’m not getting from shopping. Gosh I’m so pathetic! Haha. We shall see how it goes. 


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