Consumption Update #Week 2


Have not broken any of my no-shopping rules yet, but it seems that if my debit card does get exercised in any way, it does so in Boots.

Tornado’s skin – prone to a bit of eczema – was looking a little dire, so we had to buy a new cream for him to replace a finished tub.     £8.50. NOT CHEAP. But sigh, it is Aveeno.

More interdental brushes as directed by my dentist, because I am sadly very prone to pregnancy gingivitis. “Asian people tend to be prone to gum disease! If they don’t take care of their gums well they will lose their teeth due to the state of their gums,” says my dentist, who is Asian himself. Okay, doc.     £3


I’m hoping to get a Monzo card to track my spending, but as “demand has been incredible so we can’t send cards fast enough”, I don’t think mine will come anytime soon. My husband applied for one much earlier, and he loves being able to see everything he has spent money on. It looks amazing, I’m hoping the good fellas at Monzo come through for me soon.